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    با سلام خدمت دوستان محترم
    من می خوام یه قرار داد با یه شرکت خارجی ببندم و یه کالایی رو بهشون تحویل بدم
    برای دریافت پول از اونها اونا روش های مختلفی رو ارایه دادن از جمله قرار داد ام تی 760
    می خواستم از دوستان که اهل فن هستن این موضوع رو برام توضیح بدن
    با تشکر

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    سرپرست کل

    سلام. اگر اشتباه نکنم همان اعتبار اسنادی است. کلا MT که با 7 شروع شوند اعتبار اسنادی هستند و با توجه به نوع اعتبار 700 یا 760 … خوانده می شوند.

    Overview of SWIFT MT Categories:

    Message Type Description
    MT0xx System Messages
    MT1xx Customer Payments and Cheques
    MT2xx Financial Institution Transfers
    MT3xx Treasury Markets
    MT4xx Collection and Cash Letters
    MT5xx Securities Markets
    MT6xx Treasury Markets – Metals and Syndications
    MT7xx Documentary Credits and Guarantees
    MT8xx Travellers Cheques
    MT9xx Cash Management and Customer Status

    توضیحات انگلیسی را هم شما مطالعه کنید :

    What is SWIFT MT 760?

    There is an absolute lack of knowledge about banking tools such as the issuance of a SWIFT MT-760. For this reason and to increase the awareness of the general public, this page will explain the actual operative for issuing this type of “Guarantee”.

    Let us understand what a SWIFT is and on what basis is the MT-760 as well as the emission operative issued.

    What is a MT-760?

    The MT-760 is a kind of SWIFT message known as a Guarantee that, as its name suggests, works as a bank guarantee. Therefore, it is important that a user be warned about its danger before he might be trapped by malicious individuals.

    The investor’s Bank issues a SWIFT MT-760 using an asset as base (CASH, BG, CD, MTN, etc). This asset is issued in favour of the recipient (the recipient of the MT-760). This kind of message is commonly used in the Commodities sector or in businesses such as the import or export of any product. The issuing bank uses the asset as a guarantee in favour of the client receiving the MT-760. It is also important to note that this is the classic locking option when it comes to participating in a Private Placement Program.

    SWIFT MT-760 emission operative

    Prior to the emission of a SWIFT MT-760, the Issuing Bank will emit a SWIFT MT-799 (Free Message). The MT-799 is issued as a Pre-Advice (notifying the receiving bank that a guarantee in the form of MT- 760 will be issued). A SWIFT MT-799 is sent to the Issuing Bank confirming that they should be ready to receive the MT-760. In the next 24/48 hours, the client’s bank proceeds to the issuance of the SWIFT MT-760, with the acceptance of the receiving bank. Thus, the asset is locked in favour of the recipient for the time specified in the text of the SWIFT message.

    Can a MT-760 be revoked?

    Absolutely NO. Many brokers and platforms want the investor to believe that the MT-760 can be withdrawn without any inconvenience when the investor orders it. The reality is quite different.

    When a SWIFT is issued and accepted by the receiving bank it is totally IRREVOCABLE. It can only be revoked if the recipient of the MT-760 gives consent to his/her bank to proceed with the withdrawal.

    What assurance is there regarding a MT-760?

    When a client issues a SWIFT MT-760 for a period of (for example) 10 months, in addition to being irrevocable, it involves serious risks as the so-called platforms or intermediaries, who claim to have contact with a trader, can interact with the asset thus leading to its total loss. This is a terrible consequence for the client.

    The client is advised to make sure that the person he/she will be working with is a real Trader. Once the Trading agreement is in front of the client, they should ensure that they are dealing with the right person/company.

    What happens if a client issues a SWIFT MT-760 to a real Trader?

    Prior to the issuance of the MT-760, the signing of the Trading agreement will take place. Here a client will find the banking coordinates of the Trader’s bank, where the client will need to issue the SWIFT.

    Upon the issuance and receipt of the MT-760, it will be the receiving trader who will be in charge of “monetizing” such SWIFT, and with the amount of credit obtained, the program will be accessed. It is important to point out that, being the Trader’s company the recipient of the SWIFT and the one in charge of obtaining the credit line, will also be responsible for its refund and for confronting all incurred expenses.

    Performance bond

    Performance Bond is a written guaranty from a third party guarantor (usually a bank or an insurance company) submitted to a client or a customer by a contractor /undertaker to commit that whatever he has promised will be delivered within the specified time of that contract and if he fails to deliver the same the shortfall or the entire sum committed will be paid / covered by the issuer of the Performance Bond. A performance bond ensures payment of a sum (not exceeding a stated maximum amount) of money in case the contractor fails in the full performance of the contract.

    Performance bonds usually covers 100 percent of the contract price and replaces the bid bond on award of a contract. However, a performance bond is not an insurance policy and (if cashed by the principal) the payment amount is recovered by the guarantor from the contractor. It may also be called standby letter of credit, contract performance bond.

    Standby Letter of Credit

    A Standby letter of credit is used mainly in the US where banks are legally barred from issuing certain types of guaranties. It serves as a parallel (collateral) payment source in case the primary source fails to meet its obligations in part or in full and is a substitute for a performance bond or payment guaranty. Hence it is called standby credit.

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